Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Man and his "Citi" Field

Well, it's official. Shea it ain't so, Shea no more, etc., etc. My beloved Mets will be playing in the yet-to-be-built CitiField in 2009. Now I am no fan of corporate-named stadia (or stadiums, if you prefer), but this one is not as bad for personal reasons. My grandfather, who was a longtime Mets fan, worked for Citibank for years and I have some pretty fond memories involving him, I, and the Mets. So as long as its not I_love_my_dog.com Park or some equally trendy corporate sell-out way to make a dollar, I can live with CitiField as sort of a tribute.

Now on to more pressing matters. What does CitiField have to do with The Man? How kind of you to ask. In this recent article in the New York Times, Andy Sernovitz, chief executive of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, said New Yorkers might think The Man has bought the rights to Mets baseball in New York. As much as I hate to say it, that's already the facts Jack. I have already written about how much The Man has his tentacles all over baseball. And with New York being the corporate capital of the world, it's a natural evolution.

But far be it for The Serious Tip to take any actions by The Man passively. Emotional attachment for CitiField aside, The Man must cease and desist all further corporate intrusions. Perhaps The Serious Tip should sit down and chat with Mr. Sernovitz and see what he knows about The Man. Could he be of assistance in foiling The Man? He seems to have a good feel for The Man's pulse. If you read this, Mr. Sernovitz, drop us a line. Have your people talk to my people. We'll do lunch.

But back to The Man and his ballpark obsession. Is it too far off to expect The Man to reveal himself and name a stadium "The Man Park"? Maybe that's a little too sexist. What about "The Man Field at XYZ Stadium"? What do you think, Mr. Sernovitz? Personally, I think that's his plan. Soon enough, my friends, it will happen. Probably in Green Bay.

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