Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blog on the Run

Dearest patrons of The Serious Tip,

Your beloved blog is going on tour. Hello Cleveland! Well, not really that type of tour. More like a tour of the Grapefruit League.

Starting with tonight's contest between the Florida State Seminoles and the Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater, Fla., I will be travelling throughout the Central Florida landscape attempting to take in as much baseball as possible. Other games I hope to attend include:

Dodgers at Nationals in Melbourne Viera - March 4th
Yankees at Pirates in Bradenton - March 10th (assuming I don't find easy tickets to the upcoming ACC Tournament)
Mets at Tigers in Lakeland - March 11th
Indians at Devil Rays in St. Petersburg - March 17th
Braves at Reds in Sarasota - March 18th
Blue Jays at Twins in Fort Myers - March 23rd
Marlins at Red Sox in Fort Myers - March 25th
Mets at Devil Rays in Tropicana Field - March 31st

Unfortunately, because I am employed and The Man makes me go to work, I won't have the opportunity to see the Orioles, Cardinals, or Astros. However, if I attend every game I hope to, by Opening Day I will have seen 15 of the 18 Grapefruit League teams at eight different ballparks.

Of course, as should be expected, I will be writing and posting entries as I tour, providing details on the sights, sounds, and experiences of each game. I might even be able to shed a little insight on what to expect during the 2007 baseball season. And finally, to my readers in or visiting Florida, feel free to drop me a line at if you would like to meet up over a dog and a beer or two, or three, or nine. See you there.

- Jordi


Lakeland Local said...
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Lakeland Local said...

I hope you enjoy your game in Lakeland. Joker Marchant is a nice place to see a game.

Chuck, Lakeland Local