Thursday, March 15, 2007

Game of the Year. Period. Point blank.

If we love the NCAA Tournament because of its Rocky Balboa-esque possibilities, its plucky spirit, and its impossible odds, then last night's Phoenix Suns - Dallas Mavericks game was the pro game's version of Ali-Frazier, or whatever other heavyweight analogy you prefer. It was the immovable object versus the irresistible force. Hulk Hogan versus the Ultimate Warrior. Two highly-tuned winning machines battling it out, not yet for supremacy, but for the ability to be called the best.

There are some times where the performance doesn't live up to the hype. This was not one of them. Last night's Phoenix-Dallas match-up was one of those games that forces us to invoke the most trite of cliches. The type of game that makes us praise the Orange Roundie and the other gods of the hardwood. The type of game that causes us to remember that although we might flirt with the college game come tournament time, it is the NBA game, with its high level of play and exasperating drama, that wins our fanaticism time and time again.

Phoenix 129 - Dallas 127, 2 OT. Game of the Year.

By the way, I'll post on Isiah Thomas' recent contract extension as soon as I find the words to completely articulate my flabbergasted-ness. Stay tuned.

- Jordi

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