Monday, March 12, 2007

Letters from a disappointed Seminole fan

Maybe it's the New York side of my upbringing, but I was taught if you don't like something, complain about it. Make your voice heard. Tell the world. Let those who sparked your ire know your pain. Even if they don't care.

With that in mind, I have chosen to express my frustration over the non-selection of the Florida State Seminoles to the men's basketball tournament in letter form to two targets I feel are directly responsible.


Dear NCAA Selection Committee,

Please explain to me why you left Florida State out of the men's tournament once again. You have ripped our hearts out three of the last four years. This year alone, we have beaten Duke at Duke, we beat Florida, and we beat Maryland. Yes, this wasn't the greatest year for Duke, but a win in Cameron Indoor is still a big win.

According to ESPN, we had "zero bad losses -- all 12 of our losses were to teams in the RPI Top 50." Yeah, we got crushed against Pittsburgh and Wisconsin, but who didn't? And wasn't that your top gripe last year, that we didn't play enough tough games out of conference? Well, we did this year. And still no love.

I know you are not in the business of what if's. You want results. You look at the bottom line, not potential. But consider for a moment the plight of the Seminoles. On February 7th, our starting point guard, Toney Douglas, went down the an injury. We lost four of the next five games. When he returned, we won three in a row, including defeating Clemson in the ACC Tournament. With a healthy Douglas, how can you discount us?

You have made our life difficult, NCAA Powers That Be. We'll be back. Next year there will be no argument.

(P.S. By the way, I really appreciate you putting us on your "65 Teams ... One Dream" t-shirt (top right quadrant, bottom left logo), but not in the actual tournament. Someone in marketing must have thought we were good enough.)


Dear Alexander Johnson,

How is life in the Developmental League? Good to see you are averaging 11 points a game for the Arkansas RimRockers. Remember when you rocked the rim in Tallahassee and jumped over that poor guy from Georgia Tech? Yeah, that was cool. Do you remember your days at Florida State? You enjoyed them, right? Well, why the hell did you leave?!?

If you had stayed you know you would be playing in the ACC Tournament right now. You know you would have been one of the baddest centers in college basketball, and the best in the ACC. You know you would have been a first round pick, not a mid-second rounder. A 6-9, 240lbs mound of muscle with mad hops and four years of college experience? No question. But no, you had to leave. You had to listen to your agent.

Did you think we were going to be able to replace you? Who did you think we had to play center? Uche Echefu? Come on, man. Uche might be good next year, but he is no A.J. down low. He can't jam like you. He can't rebound like you. At best, he's a small power forward. And how did you leave Al Thornton like that? I'm sure he is overjoyed with you right now. Hell, he probably listened in to your D-League game Saturday and just cried his eyes out as you tore it up for two points in six minutes.

Wait, you scored only two points in six minutes in the D-League? You know I wish the best for you, but you better have gotten hurt there. Maybe you weren't as good as we thought. Never mind.

I'm sure there are plenty of others I could write to and vent my frustration. But I am too livid. Maybe this time we just might win the NIT. A lame consolation prize, true, but a prize nonetheless. Whoopee.

- Jordi


Anonymous said...

AJ was told he would be a first rounder. Memphis told him point blank he would be taken with their 24th pick. They lied. They got him anyway through all those trades. But AJ got a lesson in the business side of the game. Also he is not alone as Memphis has sent other players to the NBADL. They obviously have a reason for doing that.

Chris said...

You do realize that Michigan and Colorado are also on the shirt, so it's not like being on the shirt means that anyone thought FSU was good enough. I mean unless you think that the 12th team in the Big 12 also had a legitimate shot in someone's eyes.