Friday, June 1, 2007

Flip the Script Friday: The Not So Missing Links

Welcome to another "Flip the Script Friday". Although The Serious Tip has been primarily a sports-related blog since its inception, on any given Friday I "flip the script" and blog about whatever I so desire. Today I am going to give you a series of links to check out - some are sports-related, but all are meant to get your Friday off to a good start. Enjoy.

First, a list I would love to have been on: The NewsBios 30 Most Influential Business Writers Under 30. Probably doesn't help that I haven't written about business matters since college. (NewsBios)

If you are headed to the beach this weekend, don't forget your handy-dandy Field Guide to the North American Bikini (with pictures!). (The Bachelor Guy)

Some people worry about what shoes to wear, what to eat for dinner, you know, things we at least have a modicum of control over. These guys worry about a giant asteroid hitting Earth. And they seriously want to effect Congressional legislature. (The B612 Foundation)

With all the talk of that pole vaulter girl, it came to my attention that the girl with Guiness Record for Longest Tongue, Annika Irmler, should be about 19 by now. More recent pictures would be highly appreciated. (BBC News)

If you ever wanted to see a guy in a gorilla suit squirt a milky substance from an 18 inch fake phallus, this is your site. If you are like me, you wonder where do people come up with this stuff, and who the hell joins? (Warning: Totally NSFW) (Gorilla

Here is a blog called The Art of Drink: as you can guess, it is all about alcohol. Nice. (The Art of Drink)

Sex, booze, and now Rock 'n' Roll: Raise your hand if you knew Poison lead singer Bret Michaels is going to be on his own "Flavor of Love"-type reality show on VH1 this summer? This may be the most un-rock thing since Vince Neil did the chicken dance. (

Buck Rampage of the Cobra Brigade calls out Baseball Fans. Stand tall on the steroid issue or you too might be a poser. (The Cobra Brigade)

The guys over at Thunder Matt's Saloon remind you to vote for their namesake in this year's MLB all-star balloting. (Thunder Matt's Saloon)

And finally, a big Happy Birthday to The Serious Tip's favorite indy wrestler: Bryan Manson. (Florida Extreme Wrestling)

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