Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hate Stuart Scott? Try Jim Cantore.

In all honesty, I do not understand many sports fans' disdain of ESPN anchor Stuart Scott. Scott, who has been with ESPN since 1993, is often criticized for his on-air persona, with sports bloggers even going as far as to insult his appearance, question his marital fidelity, or wish him dead.

Personally, I have no problem with Stuart Scott. In my opinion, Scott is no different from any other TV anchor, be they Dan Rather, Katie Couric, Tom Brokaw, or even the great Walter Cronkite. Scott is a face on a national news broadcast whose job is to relay events and inform the viewer of a genre of current happenings. Same as the 2 a.m. talking head on CNN, whoever that may be.

Whereas I don't see a reason to hate Stuart Scott, the TV personality I cannot abide and I am surprised does not generate more animosity is Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel. Sure, Stuart Scott may discuss your favorite team and infer their possible fallibilities, but when Jim Cantore discusses or, worse yet, visits your town, your town might not be a town for much longer. According to The Weather, "whether it's 'thunder snow', an ice storm, tornado chasing or a category 5 hurricane, there is no place Jim would rather be than right in the 'eye of the storm.'" Cantore is the Nostradamus of Natural Disasters, The Sole Horseman of Weather Apocolypses. Rumor has it he causes storms to hit where he is just so he can be on TV.

Say what you will about Stuart Scott, but my disdain will forever lie with Jim Cantore. You better not set foot anywhere near my town this hurricane season, you hear me, Cantore?


Chip Wesley said...

Come on Jordi. The picture of Stu next to the one of Jack Elam is funny.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I hate Jim too, so much that we wish a big 2 x 4 would smack against his head while he is exaggerating the weather conditions he is reporting. He is the drama king extroardinaire, you can't trust what he is reporting because he blows everything out of proportion for dramatic effect. We live in South FL and during all the hurricanes we had a couple years ago we were wondering where he was because he was making the stuff up!