Thursday, September 20, 2007

A bit of a coincidence

In this week's Tuesday Circular Rambling, I mentioned that I recently watched the baseball classic The Natural. In my post, I asked,

"could Roy Hobbs have pulled the "coming out of nowhere" act today, in the era of Baseball Reference and Baseball Prospectus? Surely, someone would have heard of him from somewhere."

My point was, of course, that in this age of bloggers and 24-hour sports networks, the mystique of Roy Hobbs would not have been so mysterious. People would have know all about Hobbs even before he walked into the Knights' dugout.

Sure enough, not two days after I asked these simple questions, ESPN's Jim Caple tackled The Natural from a different angle, listing all of Hobbes's improprieties and explaining why The Natural wasn't the saint people make him out to be. While Caple says nothing about the impact of Hobbes's background had he played today, one could easily assume any one of the problems Caple lists, had they occurred to a modern player, would have caused quite the unpleasant media circus.

I think it's funny that both Jim Caple and I were recently thinking about The Natural and both of us thought to write about it. Did we write about the same thing? Not really. Could Caple had read my post and took the idea and ran with it? Perhaps. If so, more power to him. Are the odds better that he watched the same movie I did on the same channel at the same time and wrote his article shortly thereafter? I think so.

I'm not trying to take anything away from Jim Caple. His article was really good. I enjoyed it. I just wanted to point out that as I read it I had this weird feeling of subject deja vu.

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