Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday's Circular Ramblings

Time for another exercise in rambling circularity ...

So I was out of town this weekend and went to South Florida to see some friends and watch the Phillies and Marlins. Even though it was a really good game, and the Marlins closed it out in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded and Jimmy Rollins up, baseball in South Florida is an exercise in expansive disinterest. There could not have been 20,000 people in the whole stadium on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Of course, typical of Florida weather, no less than 10 minutes after we left the stadium the skies opened and lightning rained from the heavens. This is reason numero uno why there needs to be a retractable dome in South Florida.

Speaking of Florida sports, ESPN’s Mark Schlabach writes that FSU might not have the best players on the field anymore. As someone who has watched his alma mater go painfully down the crapper for the last five years, this is obvious. Replacing the coaching staff was a good start (although I vehemently oppose the way they bought off Jeff Bowden), but at what point does losing effect the overall recruiting level? I’m not talking about the studs that are always going to use the program for exposure, I’m talking the difference in depth between having 3-star back-ups and 4-star second teamers. Not that anyone could have helped an FSU offensive line that couldn’t block to save their own, or their QB’s life, last night.

But on to better FSU-related news … the illustrious FSU Cowgirl, Jenn Sterger, has finally blessed us with a new blog entry and surprise, she is starring in her first movie. Honestly, I hope there is a little more to the role than just a booty-shakin’ club-goer.

On the subject of simple roles for beautiful women, I saw a few commercials for that new Jessica Alba flick with Dane Cook. I know all the myspacers will go see it for Dane Cook and most of the male population of North America will see it for a scantily-clad Alba, but I think I’ve seen this movie before, except the first time it had Danny Glover and Martin Short .

But while on the topic of Dane Cook, those ridiculous “Actober” commercials are getting annoying. The first one I saw with the Brewers was dumb, and then I just saw one about the Mariners. At least one of those teams is still in the playoff picture unlike …
The Atlanta Braves, who are now 7.5 games behind the Mets and are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Let’s hope the Braves play spoiler and knock Philadelphia out of the wildcard so the Mets don’t have to play Phils in the NLCS (contrary to my own prediction). Although, the Mets did just get Pedro Martinez back the other night. Honestly, this makes me smile. Apparently Pedro worked out like a man-beast to get back on the hill for the Mets. Very cool.

You know who else supposedly works out like a man-beast? Kevin Garnett. Apparently KG likes to drag people and tie himself up with cables – no thanks. I’ll stick to the treadmill a couple times a week. Anyway, to wrap-up, KG reminds me of Boston, which, of course, brings to mind the Big Dig, which makes me think of tunnels, which makes me think of porn, which makes me think of Alexis Malone, who hails from Pittsburgh, as do the Steelers who play Cleveland this week, which makes me think of Carmella Decesare, a.k.a. Mrs. Jeff Garcia, who apparently wants to be a sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Bucs, which would have me going to a lot more games, which reminds me …

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