Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh, I'm still alive

My most humble apologies, dear fans of The Serious Tip. Due to technical difficulties, I was temporarily unable to access or any other Internet site from my apartment, or as I like to call it, de laboratory de Jordi. I won't name names, but let's just say my ISP hasn't made my house all that bright lately.

Despite my lack of Intertube access, I have still been writing, albeit mostly in MSWord. So as soon as I can cut and paste everything into the bowels of The Serious Tip expect a bevy, a plethora, even perhaps a cornucopia of insight.

Again, my apologies.


MCBias said...

In other words, we can relentlessly mock FSU in the comment section, since Jordi's Internet connection is down and he can't retaliate. :-) j/k

Extra P. said...

I'll take one cornucopia, please.

Jay said...

"Do you even know what a 'plethora' means?"

I know you do, Jordi, it's just that I can't resist quoting bad Martin Short movies whenever that word comes up.