Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boycotting Mark Cuban and the Mavericks

As ours is a time of passionate speeches and heartfelt declarations, I would like to take a moment to announce the outright banning of Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks from this site. This banishment will exist until such time as Mr. Cuban re-instates the press credentials of bloggers and allows them access into the Dallas Mavericks locker room.

We cannot hide from the fact that bloggers and the mainstream media are different. We come from different backgrounds and our challenge to be heard has taken much different routes. Bloggers did not come from journalism schools across the nation, although some do share that experience. We come from your neighborhoods, your sports bars, your stadiums, your colleges, and your little league fields. We are your friends, your co-workers, and your family members. We are your global community, yearning to be heard.

I have seen places where bloggers are prosecuted. I have read their struggles against oppression. In countries all over the world, the innocent who clamor only for a voice are arrested and jailed, many without representation. All for the ability and desire to express their thoughts. The power of unrestricted voice is frightening to the establishment, and too often that establishment has gone beyond the limits of comprehension to stifle the speech of the common blogger.

Here in America we are not jailed on account of our words. We are not prosecuted because of our announcements or analyses. We in the sports blogosphere are however, told how we can blog, where we can blog, and how often we can blog. Our undying desire to broadcast our opinions is being preempted by the heads of the very sports we love. We are being forced to choose between our hobby, or in few cases livelihood, or the leagues and organizations that we have followed, many since birth.

I know there is a place for all those who want to write about sports. A place where bloggers, the mainstream media, and sports organizations can co-exist peacefully and without hostility towards one another. A place where the mainstream media will not sit idly by while the voice of a blogger is stifled. A place where bloggers act as a respected part of the fourth estate, not only as a check and balance against those whose purpose is checking and balancing. A place where the current cacophony of voices merges into a harmonious symphony, where each part, although pleasant on its own merit, complements the greater whole.

This paradise is not far away. I believe it is in our grasp. However, for it be a reality, we must all want it. We must all believe in the goodness and sweet sound of cooperation.

For opposition to this dream, and actions negating the advancement of bloggers worldwide, Mark Cuban and his Dallas Mavericks organization will no longer be mentioned on this site. As long Mark Cuban decides to shut us out, we will reciprocate his actions and delete him from our current conversation.

I invite other bloggers, especially those who share the passion of sport, to make a similar stand. Stand in unison and join The Serious Tip in a "Cuban Boycott". Only together can we make a difference.

It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?
- Rage Against The Machine


stopmikelupica said...

Being that you are a South Floridian, and an international affairs expert... I'm shocked, and possibly appalled, that you missed the opportunity to name this post "The Cuban Embargo".


Brett said...
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Brett said...

I understand your frustration, but banning someone from a blog sounds like an incredibly short-sided, self serving form of journalism. Lets say Cuban or the Mavs make huge NBA news while you have this ban in place. You're not going to mention them? You're even including an entire NBA TEAM? haha come on! What if the Mavs were to win the NBA Finals? You're just pretending they don't exist in that scenario? haha wow. That's a seriously flawed approach. A real journalist would never ban mentions of George Bush from their reporting no matter how they felt about the guy, would they? This is about as far from objective as it gets. You banning Cuban AND an entire NBA franchise is laughable and ironically actually buoys his stance on blogging vs. journalism.

Anonymous said...


Jay Busbee said...

Brett--you're completely missing the point. This isn't an issue of bloggers versus journalists, it's an issue of perspective--specifically, Mark Cuban banning bloggers simply because he doesn't like their ability to make unfiltered statements about his team.

Blogging and journalism are NOT the same thing, any more than beat reporters and columnists are. You need to comprehend that before critiquing what Jordi's doing here.

He's taking a stand. He's writing in support of the free flow of information, which trumps individual teams every time.

Chris said...

Anyone that leaves a quote from Rage Against the Machine in regards to a revolt automatically loses all credibility.

Nathan said...


Would you prefer propagandhi?

danny said...

why would anyone care if YOU ban cuban and the Mavs from your blog? your blog sucks from what i have read, therefore nobody will give two shits if you ban them or not. it is still a shitty blog at the end of the day. this is exactly why bloggers, many times second rate "writers," are banned from the Mavs locker room

Mark Cuban said...

You can boycot me all you want, I've been boycotting you since you started this blog. But you can't ban me from your space like I can ban you from mine.

Brett said...

haha checkmate, Cuban wins