Monday, June 9, 2008

A little bit of Larry, a little Magic, and a whole lot of Kige

I know they are legends and all, and you shouldn't make fun of two of the greatest ever, but when I see that Magic Johnson/Larry Bird commercial, their collective voice reminds me of someone. Someone near and dear to sportsbloggers everywhere. Our own sports legend ... Kige Ramsey.

See? Same drawl. Same semi-awkward deliberate speech pattern. So is that Larry and Magic, or is it Kige?

There can be only one.

By the way, for the greatest sports voice in the history of YouTube, Mr. Ramsey isn't exactly going the impartial newscaster route with that jersey, is he?

On a related note, if Kige is going to sport the Celtics gear, can we align the media planets and get a Bill Simmons-Kige Ramsey meeting during the finals? Maybe a little cross-media mega-event? Simmons on Ramsey's show, and Ramsey on Simmons' podcast? Can we make that happen?

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Atom Sports said...

Bird looks like a saggy garbage bag in that, he was never good-looking but whoa....