Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eulogy for the Eliminated 2009: Part 6

Dearly Beloved,

Today we lay to rest two of the best from the west. Whereas they were shown California love by many, the westside connection was not enough to save them from the 2pacalypse. They took a fantastic journey from the gangsta's paradise to the land of the mouse, yet came up too short, ruining everyone's good day.

To the 2009 Los Angeles Dodgers:

Deep in the valley you toiled, your dreams of a Hollywood ending foiled.
Year two of the dredded savior, his absence from a past behavior.
The youngest gun shot wild for a record, his pinpoint control became untethered.
Still you treaded with the guidance of legend, just falling short in the end.
So is to you we say good-bye, another year has ceased.
And along with the ancient voice from the booth, we say may you rest in peace.

To the 2009 California Anaheim Los Angeles Angels:

Tragedy struck, and you lived for an angel on the mound.
Your closeness turned to a family that tried to be glory-bound.
Tis now tradition among generations to follow the path,
And battle for gold until the last.
But alas toppled by the billion dollar team
In their new palace where everything gleams
And now sit at the precipice
That you can keep one of two is your wish
The awkwardly named and a steady-armed ace
Could both leave pie in your face
As in the future you offer the best of families
Today we say, May You Rest In Peace.

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