Friday, September 23, 2011

The Best of The Serious Tip Now Available on Amazon

For over three years, this website was my home on the web. Here is where I learned how to blog and how to write for an audience. I covered a lot here, from sports to music to politics to almost everything in between. I was serious, creative, analytical, and satirical.

Now the best of this site is available for purchase, both in paperback and for Kindle, if you are the technologically advanced sort.

I am really excited to make this available as it is my first solo book and my first self-publishing venture.

So please support an aspiring writer and order your copy today!

This super special anthology includes:

  • The story of when I tried out for the Atlanta Braves!
  • Interviews with a pornstar, a comedian, a singer, and a Playboy model!
  • An analysis of Super Bowl contenders and their effect on the stock market!
  • How statistics can be used in pro wrestling!

And many more!

Only $9.25 in book form and $1.99 in e-book form!

Buy yours today!

Book: The Best of The Serious Tip

Kindle: The Best of The Serious Tip

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day One: Growin' All Up in the Ghetto

Ok, let's see how far I can go with this blog thing before "The Man" shuts me down. Just kidding. Well I guess this is going to be a place for me to post my thoughts, musings, and random ideas. So sit back, enjoy, and comment as you see fit.

A bit about lil' ol' me: I graduated from Florida State; had my own random column for that fine literary publication, the FSView and Florida Flambeau; and I am currently living outside of Tampa, FL. These experiences, as well as a childhood spent locked in a basement, will mold a lot of what I talk about. And of course, random references to current events, music, books, television, movies, or sports (especially the NY Mets, Knicks, and FSU Seminoles). But you get the point. Enjoy.

- Jordi