Sunday, January 28, 2018

Finding my bologna poem on the internet

I have been writing online since 2006. I've written serious things, comedy things, sports things, and some music things.

But the writing that appears in the oddest places has been my poem about eating a bologna sandwich that I wrote in 2009.

I found it on someone's DeviantArt page. They took my name off it and I filed a copyright claim.

I found it on a poetry website. The poetry teachers I took during my English degree would be proud.

I found it on a foreign language site detailing how to steal text from an image.

Here is the text translated.

I am not sure why someone would want to steal my bologna poem. Or where they got the image. Or what they intend on doing with the text of my bologna poem.

I guess my poetry skills are international.

Despite my career in serious government and business work, I will not stop being creative. It is important to me in order to keep the brain juices flowing. I have to don my silly afro wig and write weird poems about bologna. The cat is out of the bag and Pandora has opened her box.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Assumptions before The Last Jedi

(Total Star Wars post. You've been warned.)

I saw The Last Jedi a few weeks ago. Before I write any analysis on the movie, and there will be a lot, I wanted to finally write down my thoughts following The Force Awakens. Some of these happened, some didn't.

(Note: these were also written before Carrie Fisher died in December 2017.)

Episode VIII Pre-Thoughts

Rey's character progress was inevitable. Fans clamoring for her development would have their questions answered. She is the main protagonist. The strength of Episode 8 will rely on the development, storylines, and interactions of other characters.

  1. Kylo Ren needs to get stronger. Kylo's growth needs to be faster than Anakin's. He needs a need to be badder. He cannot be a weak antagonist.

  2. Who is in charge of the galaxy? We need a Coruscant scene. Maybe Leia addressing the Senate as Amidala did in the prequels.

  3. Finn needs a win. In Episode 7, Finn is a sidekick. He needs to lead or he becomes as relevant as Jar Jar Binks.

  4. Leia needs to be focus  against Kylo Ren. Mothers don't play a big role in the Star Wars saga. It is time to change that.

  5. Luke needs to fall. Unless the final battle is Luke versus Snoke - which might not be climatic unless Snoke wins - Luke needs to fall. Luke is too strong of a character. Luke is a legend. Unless Luke has amnesia, which is doubtful.

  6. Lando needs a cameo.

  7. Chewie needs retribution. His best friend was killed. A Kylo Ren versus Chewie confrontation would be very interesting.