Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Story of the Sad Giraffe

This is a giraffe.

He is sad.

He liked this blog.

Then the writer of this blog got really really really busy and didn't have time to write anything on the site for nearly a month.

The giraffe got sad.

He died.

The writer of the blog felt really bad and decided to pen an ode to the giraffe who was the blog's biggest fan.

I'm sorry, giraffe.

If I knew you liked to read my blog, I would have written sooner.

I have many unfinished posts in the drafts. Many good ideas that need to be finished.

But I am also taking five classes this semester in business school and am halfway to finishing my MBA.

I need to make the time to write more. I also need to step away from the computer and do non-computer things, like run or lift weights or make jokes or attend a sporting event.

Or find a job. That would be important too.

I feel bad that there might be more giraffes out there who are fiending for more of my illustrious prose.

For the giraffes, this post is for you.

Major sad face.