Saturday, January 16, 2021

What if Jesus came back as a stand-up comic?

I have been a fan of Tampa comic John Jacobs's work for a long time. He has an off-beat creative style that is hilarious and abstract and off-the-wall.

In his latest short movie, Jesus Talks, Jacobs plays Jesus Christ if Jesus were to come back to Earth as a stand-up comic. The premise is great and the delivery is divine. 

Of course Jesus would come back in a way that was preachy without being preachy. Of course He would return in a way that would make us look at ourselves and laugh. Of course Jesus would have a self-depreciating sense of humor. He is the Son of God, if he can't make fun of himself, then can any of us?

This movie reminded me of an old song entitled Talked to God by a rock group called The Uninvited. They had a few hits in the late 90s on alt-rock radio, but never made it huge. Their content however, was A+.

See if you can find the similarities.