Friday, April 13, 2018

Qatari Two Month Milestone

So it has been two months already. Month two flew by. I am still in Qatar, still doing well. Still trying new things.

Work has been good. I am working with an Army team. My past military experience has been a great way to connect. I talk to the senior leaders about shared experiences in Bosnia, etc and have provided advice to a few young soldiers. It is a very different environment from my most recent jobs, but it's a good group.

Socially, I have ventured out a bit more in the last month. I did some things with the military folks, some things on my own, and some with new local friends.

  • Attended a performance from a symphony orchestra from Kazakhstan - a complete first as it was my first symphony orchestra and the first time seeing music from Kazakhstan.

  • Attended the Qatar International Food Festival and saw Chef Wolfgang Puck.

  • Rode the sand dunes of Qatar and spent the evening at a coastal beach camp. So much fun. Sort of like an airboat ride on sand.

  • Ate dinner at Gordon Ramsey's 5-star restaurant. The salmon was amazing and the desert was fantastic.

  • Saw a local rock band and had my first two overpriced beers of my trip.

  • Spent a day at Doha's main market (Souq Wakif).
As before, pictures from my trip can be found at the link here (Suggestion: the most recent pictures are on the bottom, so start at the bottom and scroll up if you have already seen some of these.)

And for anyone might have missed it, my sports business research was discussed in an article on on the Tampa Bay Rays. I stopped writing about sports since I left, but that was a surprise I was not expecting.

Two months in, this is still a great experience. There is so much more I have yet to do and see. And I have four months left.