Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Three months and counting in Qatar


I am entering my fourth month here in Qatar, which means I just concluded my third month, which should be halfway. Maybe. More on that later.

Month three was good. Work has picked up and I am working with a new team of military folks. One of the exciting things about these kind of jobs as a civilian working with the military is due to their orders, the military personnel don't stay very long. Or I will be on a different arrival/departure schedule as the military personnel. So I work with two or more completely different teams of people. There is a great reason why military people are so good at handling change. It happens very often.

So we are busy and things are good in the workplace. And outside of work, I have been out and about in Doha again this month.
  • I joined a boat ride in the gulf to do some rafting and swimming. It was the saltiest water I have ever accidentally tasted.

  • I went to a going away party at an upscale Qatari nightclub on the water.

  • I did some sightseeing downtown and walked the 3 mile Corniche, a giant sidewalk along the bay with a great view of the skyline.

  • I saw a stand-up comedy show. For those who remember, I did stand-up for a spell in Tampa. I even got on stage and performed in Afghanistan. That experience did not go well. Maybe I will give international comedy another try in Qatar.
As usual, my pictures for my trip are at this link - scroll to the bottom to see the latest:


Now for the not so great news. I might not be coming back to the US in August as I originally thought. (Actually, originally, this job was supposed to be from January to July, but it was delayed a month.) There is a possibility my job might need me out here until October. And there is a chance if I came back in August, I might not have a job back in the states, whereas a job might be there in October. Maybe. It is all unsure, but I am planning for October. So I am 35% through my trip, not yet 50%.

Pro-tip: If looking for stability, I would not recommend a career in government contracting. Uncertainty is the norm. And uncertainty does get old quick.

But while I am here, I am still going to enjoy myself, try new things, do a good job, and save money for a house and a new TV.

So that's what's new. Hope all is well where you are.