My Books

Curveball at the Crossroads

"A story about baseball, the Devil, and putting things first."

*Runner-up, Best Book by a Local Author  - Best of the Bay 2021.*

After high school baseball phenom JaMark Reliford suffers a career-ending injury in his final game, he makes the deal of a lifetime. A deal that gives him everything he wants, but could cost him everything he loves.

Inspired by blues folklore and classic baseball fiction, Michael Lortz writes a new tale of fastballs and phantoms, strikeouts and second chances. 

The second edition is available everywhere. The first edition is limited to 250 printed copies. 

Or you can order it through your local bookstore. Support local bookstores!

The Man Makes You Work

"Who is The Man? He is an omnipotent force keeping us from reaching our goals and dreams. This book is a witty look at the forces of life that hold us all down. It will make you laugh, it will make you mad, it will make you sad. By the end, it will make you want to stick it to The Man."

The Man Makes You Work is only available on Amazon.