Sunday, January 23, 2011

Learning Comedy Part 8 - Dissecting Family Circus

Continuing my analysis of the usual residents of the funny pages, today I'm looking through the archives of Bill Keane and his "Family Circus".

1) Billy's view on Breakfast

Subject/ Target: Kids and their point of view

Why it's funny: Keane has effectively captured a kid's point of view in this comic. Adults or readers familiar with Oliver Twist know gruel to be disgusting or poor in flavor, but because Billy read that Oliver Twist wanted a second serving, and Billy himself only wants seconds when something is good, Billy assumes then that gruel must be good. An adult understands the context of Oliver Twist in a way a child wouldn't and also understands how a child could make that incorrect leap. So Keane shows humor in the knowledge and comprehension gap.

2) Telemarketer Trouble

Subject/ Target: Modern communication

Why it's funny: This comic pokes fun at the need to get to the phone, especially in the days before answering machines, voice mail, caller ID, and cell phones. Back then, every call may have been important. So the mother hustles into the house, just to answer a sales call. Many readers have been in similar situations, and although they might not have found it funny when it was happening to them, they can relate. It is another example of the audience laughing at the misfortune of the character because either they have been there, or the character's situation is much worse than their own.

Bonus Discovery: Jersey Circus - a mashup of Family Circus and quotes from Jersey Shore. Absolutely hilarious.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first commercial for

Check out my first ever commercial, an ad for an upcoming disco show at Gasoline Alley in Largo, Florida.

I've seen Disco Inferno a few times and they are good. Good music to get your boogie on.

The commercial was done by - an entertainment company out of Clearwater, Florida.

Not bad, huh?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Interview with Cally Anne Stanphill

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Cally Anne Stanphill is quickly making a name for herself in the highly competitive modeling world. Even though she has only been in the business since July, the brunette beauty has already made a splash by winning the 2010 Playboy Hottest College Girl Contest.

The Serious Tip: What five words best describe Cally Anne Stanphill?

Cally: Outgoing, bubbly, intelligent, caring, adventurous.

The Serious Tip: Adventurous? What is the most exciting adventure you have ever been on? Anything you can tell us?

Cally: Hmm.. I have so many. Most exciting adventure would have to be a trip to Panama I took last summer. I wasn’t too sure if I was going to make it out alive with that one.

The Serious Tip: Sounds very Indiana Jones-like.

Cally: LOL… you have no idea!

TST: I can picture you running through the streets of Panama ducking hit men and trying to save some children. Am I close?

Cally: LOL… more like hiding in the taxi.

TST: Why would you hide in a taxi?

Cally: It is a scary place.

TST: Speaking of a scary place, you go to school in Boca, right? (Check out that transition.)

Cally: LOL… yes.

TST: What are you studying? Is school secondary to modeling?

Cally: School comes first to modeling–ALWAYS! I am currently majoring in nursing. It is very important. I like to be respected. But I have to admit, I do have my blonde moments. I think we all do. :)

TST: Speaking of school, I read your sorority wasn’t too pleased with your contest, did that get resolved in a good way?

Cally: Umm, I'm not too sure! Ask them, it's a group of girls. Not everyone will like you. Some are happy that you’re accomplishing your goals, some are just jelly bellys. The door swings both ways, I don't care how they felt about the contest!

TST: How did you get the idea to do the contest in the first place? And did you have to reassure everyone that there would be no questionable pictures?

Cally: Of course I had to tell people the pictures didn't include any nudity! When you hear the name Playboy, you assume nude! As for entering the contest, I have no idea where or how I found out about it. I don’t remember applying, one day I received an email saying I made it to the top 25.

TST: How did you find out you won? What was your reaction?

Cally: There was an online voting for a couple weeks, ecstatic!

TST: Did they email you? Call you? Who was the first person you told? Did you run the halls at school yelling “I won!”?

Cally: LOL.. no you could view the polls on the site — so I knew I would win. I forget what I did when I won!

TST: So when is the party? Have you figured that part out yet?

Cally: January 17th at the Blue Martini in Boca.

TST: Is everyone invited?

Cally: Yeah, why not!

TST: Are you single?

Cally: Nope, I have a boyfriend.

TST: What does he think of your modeling career?

Cally: He supports it. He thinks it's pretty cool how far I have already gotten.