Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weekly Book Update #10

Wow. I haven't done a book update in a while. Not much has changed, to be honest. The novel is still in draft form. I have however sent pitch letters to six agents on April 13. So I guess that is news. I received one rejection letter so far. I will probably wait another week or so before sending a pitch letter to six more agents. I figured doing six every three weeks should increase my odds of hearing from someone.

Then I have to send a sample - most likely the first 30-50 pages. Then the agent has to like that enough to represent me to a publisher. Then the publisher has to read it and mold it into a final publishable version. So we have a ways to go.

But I guess I have taken one small step.

This week's link of inspiration comes from the Co.Create blog by Fast Company. They interviewed best-selling author James Patterson and asked what advice he would give beginning writers and storytellers.

His advice:
  • Write Stories the Way People Tell Them

  • Make It An Experience

  • Short Chapters Keep People Reading

  • It Doesn't Have to Be Realistic

  • Outline Like Your Book Depends On It

  • Be Open To Changes During the Writing

  • Write With Confidence, Even If You Don't Feel Confident Yet

  • Know Who You Are Writing For And What They Want
I like to think I did that with my novel. At least I hope so.