Monday, May 25, 2009

Russian Hackers Take Over American Pro Wrestling Web Site

For those who thought the Cold War is over, think again.

According to super secret documents acquired by Bothan spies, a squad of select sex-selling Soviet sympathizers sabotaged, a site run by the Snowman, a friend of The Serious Tip.

In an exclusive interview conducted with The Serious Tip, the Snowman claimed several individuals broke into Wrestling911 headquarters by using the spare key he stashed in a plastic rock by the rear entrance.

"I thought I was safe," he proclaimed. "The box said the rock would deter intruders. Heck, I didn't even know where I hid the key sometimes. That rock was tricky."

Once inside Wrestling911 headquarters, the intruders hacked the mainframe, populated the pages with Russian sex product ads, and stole all the money out of the coffee fund.

"I guess these guys were really desperate," Snowman said. "Times must be tough when you have to steal our last four dollars and fourteen cents. That was for the Christmas party entertainment. We were going to get a dancer or two."

Although the Snowman insisted the site will be back to normal by sometime Tuesday, he has since redirected visitors to Youtube page.