Friday, January 12, 2018

Assumptions before The Last Jedi

(Total Star Wars post. You've been warned.)

I saw The Last Jedi a few weeks ago. Before I write any analysis on the movie, and there will be a lot, I wanted to finally write down my thoughts following The Force Awakens. Some of these happened, some didn't.

(Note: these were also written before Carrie Fisher died in December 2017.)

Episode VIII Pre-Thoughts

Rey's character progress was inevitable. Fans clamoring for her development would have their questions answered. She is the main protagonist. The strength of Episode 8 will rely on the development, storylines, and interactions of other characters.

  1. Kylo Ren needs to get stronger. Kylo's growth needs to be faster than Anakin's. He needs a need to be badder. He cannot be a weak antagonist.

  2. Who is in charge of the galaxy? We need a Coruscant scene. Maybe Leia addressing the Senate as Amidala did in the prequels.

  3. Finn needs a win. In Episode 7, Finn is a sidekick. He needs to lead or he becomes as relevant as Jar Jar Binks.

  4. Leia needs to be focus  against Kylo Ren. Mothers don't play a big role in the Star Wars saga. It is time to change that.

  5. Luke needs to fall. Unless the final battle is Luke versus Snoke - which might not be climatic unless Snoke wins - Luke needs to fall. Luke is too strong of a character. Luke is a legend. Unless Luke has amnesia, which is doubtful.

  6. Lando needs a cameo.

  7. Chewie needs retribution. His best friend was killed. A Kylo Ren versus Chewie confrontation would be very interesting.


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