Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A belated 1st birthday to this site


I forgot my blog's birthday. For some reason, I thought it was September 19th. No, it is September 14th.

So now I sit remorseful. I was going to impress you, dear reader, with amazing stats and trivia about The Serious Tip. I was going to tell you all the sites I have been linked to, all the great people in the blogosphere I have corresponded with, from those who have given me advice, to those who have responded to e-mails, to those who I persuaded to let me cameo on their sites. I was even going to impress you with a ballpark figure of all the words I have written on this site (~70,000). And then there was the story of about how one year ago, after discovering Deadspin and other great blogs, I said, "I can do this". You were to be awed.

But alas, I forgot. I am a horrible, horrible blogmaster/host/writerperson.

Seriously, who forgets their blog's birthday? This is probably worse than forgetting an anniversary or a friend's birthday. A blog is supposed to be like your kid, and in some cases, maybe more important. And its birthday is supposed to be a big deal.

What does that say about me? I don't have a kid, nor a significant other. What if the future Mrs. Scrubbings finds this post before an important date? Will she think "Wow, he can't even remember his own blog's birthday. How is he supposed to remember mine?". From now on, I am writing down all the important dates I have to remember. Mother's Day, Arbor Day, Opening Day, and The Serious Tip's birthday.

Anyway, since you were denied an all-out birthday extravaganza, let me at least offer you a pleasant Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yar.


Chip Wesley said...

Happy birthday to the Tip. It seems like only yesterday you were some snot-nosed young punk of a blog trying to prove yourself to the world.

But seriously congrats. So many people wake up one morning and say "Hey, I think I'll start a sports blog." It's a fun, exciting hobby for them, for about 3 weeks. Then they realize that it takes a lot of work. They then give up and yet another Blogspot fossil is created.

I admire the ones that do it on their own. Lord knows if I didn't have 6 other schmucks writing for me, my site would have died off long ago.

extrapolater said...

It absolutely astounds me how many of the people I read started their blogs at around the same time. Mine is coming up in October.

Did nobody write sports blogs before the summer of 2007? What was the world like when there was no Deadspin or FanHouse, grampa?

Anyway, congrats. Belated.

MCBias said...

^ There was a huge blogging community before 2006/2007; it was just not sports-oriented. Mainly girls whining about why their lives were so awful. (ducks).

Anyway, happy birthday, even if you're so much of a slacker you can't even put forth the late effort to brag on yourself. :-p Just kidding. Way to pass the one year mark!

Jay Busbee said...

Congrats, sir! Amazing, isn't it, how we all started this insanity at the same time. Sports Gone South kicked off on Oct. 2. Congratulations on the anniversary, whenever the hell it was!

stopmikelupica said...

Happy birthday, buddy.

XP's question and answer is great: really, there were sports blogs before Deadspin (some), but there are hundreds more now just because of Deadspin. Or KSK.