Friday, November 4, 2016

Amy Schumer blocked me on twitter

Over the last few years, I've grown to admire the comedy of Amy Schumer. I admittedly hadn't heard of her when she was coming up on Last Comic Standing and some of the other comedy avenues she rose in. But in the last few years, I've watched a few of her comedy specials, her sketch show on Comedy Central, and her movie, "Trainwreck".

Even though some of her comedy is a little too sexual for me, I think she is funny and respect her grind.

Earlier this year, Amy Schumer released her first book, "The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo". In the book, Schumer writes a few things about Tampa, a city I have done a bit of comedy in. After I heard that Schumer joked that only seven people in Tampa can read, I built on the joke on Twitter, tagging Schumer in my tweets.

I thought these were innocent enough. I wasn't insulting Schumer. In fact, I was playing along with her joke.

I made one more mention of Schumer a few days later. This wasn't a joke, but was a bit defensive.

For one of these three comments, Amy Schumer blocked me on Twitter.

This is a woman who has made a living making inappropriate humor. I kinda feel honored, actually.

I can understand if I insulted her. I might even understand if I said she wasn't funny. But I did none of that. During the week local media made a big deal over her mention of Tampa in a book she wrote, I made three mentions of her on Twitter, two of which were jokes. For that, a nationally-renown comic with over 1 million twitter followers prevented me from seeing any of her tweets or interacting with her on Twitter.

That seems a bit sensitive, honestly.

I'll still check out Amy Schumer's comedy. Even though her style is not exactly my type of humor, I'll still admire her grind. She is living every comic's dream and getting to levels only the best comics get to.

But now the fact that she blocked me on Twitter is one of the highlights of my barely comedy career. Right up there with performing in front of 300 people at the Tampa Improv and getting no one to laugh in Afghanistan.

Maybe that will be my intro when I get back into comedy. Instead of "He is a very funny guy from Tampa, Florida ...", I will ask MCs to say, "He was blocked by Amy Schumer and bombed in Afghanistan, from Tampa, Florida, Jordi Scrubbings!".

I have the intro, now all I need is a new set.

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