Monday, November 15, 2021

Curveball at the Crossroads featured on Elite Demonstrations


My good friend Adam from 911Studios has a channel on Amazon called Elite Demonstrations. Adam hosts a show regularly on Amazon where he demonstrates products, from vacuum cleaners to Christmas trees. Adam talks about it all. And he often offers amazing deals on these products exclusive to his channel.

A few days ago, Adam was kind enough to include Curveball at the Crossroads in his carousel of products. He spent a few minutes talking about the book and provided a link to the new ebook available on Amazon.

(Disclaimer: I gave Adam a physical copy of Curveball at the Crossroads because he likes baseball and is a friend of mine. Since however, he has made a youtube review for the book that has nearly 7,000 views and offered it on Amazon. I am lucky to have friends who support my work.)

You can watch Adam's Elite Demonstrations video where he discusses Curveball at the Crossroads here:

A Very Macho Christmas Party! Trees, Electronics, Gifts - Elite Demonstrations, Amazon


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