Friday, July 6, 2007

Florida can cry foul with future All-Star Game locales

Next week Major League Baseball will play its 78th All-Star Game. This year's mid-summer gala will be held on Tuesday, July 10th at San Francisco's Pac Bell AT&T Park.

For some reason, I thought Pac Bell AT&T Park recently hosted the All-Star Game. Why would baseball put the All-Star in the same place twice in just a matter of years, I thought. Of course, I was wrong. But it got me thinking, what order does baseball use to select the host of the Mid-Summer Classic? Of course, as par for the course when dealing with Major League Baseball, there is no discernable pattern in deciding the All-Star game's location. However, in looking up the recent history of where the all-star game has been played, I did find a few unusual facts:

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In the last thirty years (1977-2007) the following teams have hosted the all-star game twice:

San Diego Padres (1978, 1992)
Cleveland Indians (1981, 1997)
Seattle Mariners (1979, 2001)
Chicago White Sox (1983, 2003)
Houston Astros (1986, 2004)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1994, 2006)
San Francisco Giants (1984, 2007)

And the following teams have not hosted an all-star game in the last 30 years, if at all:

New York Mets (last all-star game: 1964)
St. Louis Cardinals (last all-star game: 1966)
Kansas City Royals (last all-star game: 1973)
Florida Marlins (entered league in 1993)
Arizona Diamondbacks (entered league in 1998)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays (entered league in 1998)

Oddly enough, the Yankees just missed making the latter list. The last all-star game played in Yankee Stadium was in 1977.

So what plans does Major League Baseball have to cycle the all-star game, and what city will probably wait the longest to host the Mid-Summer Classic? According to wikipedia, the plight of the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals will be over soon, as the teams will play host to the All-Star Game in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

So we are left with the Mets, Royals, Marlins, Diamondbacks, and Devil Rays.

Royals - According to the Royals' website, the city of Kansas City's wait will soon be over as well. In March 2006, Bud Selig announced Kauffman Stadium will host the all-star game sometime between 2010 and 2014.

Mets - The Mets are an interesting case. Their new stadium, CitiField, is due to open a year after the Yankees open the new Yankee Stadium. Although Major League Baseball is smart to play the all-star game in New York in 2008, it would be foolish to have the same event in the same city anywhere near the next year. My guess is the Mets will have to wait three to five years after the Yankees to host their own mid-summer classic. Think 2011-2014.

Diamondbacks - Probably the most likely team to host the all-star game in 2010. Somewhat new stadium, resurgent team, original host, etc. Seems like a lock to me.

Before mentioning the either of the Florida teams, I'd like to guarantee an all-star game will be played in any or all of the "new" parks in Philadelphia, Cincinnati, or Washington at some time in the next eight years. Now we have the Yankees in '08, the Cardinals in '09, the D-Backs in '10, and the Royals somewhere between '11 and '14. Add the Nationals, Phillies, and Reds, and you have through 2014 booked. Then consider the soon-to-be over 30 years since Dodger Stadium, in one of the nation's largest markets, held the all-star game, and the schedule appears full until at least 2016.

So which Florida city will be last to host the all-star game? My guess is Tampa Bay. Because by the time Major League Baseball gets around to thinking about playing an all-star game in Florida, the Marlins' stadium lease will have expired, and without a new stadium, the team will be playing its home games in Portland, Las Vegas, or Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

(Disclaimer: I know the all-star game is supposed to alternate leagues, giving the Devil Rays a chance to host in 2010 or 2012. But if you think that is going to happen, I have five bridges in the Tampa Bay area to sell you.)

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mlmintampa said...

Now that the All-Star game determines home field advantage in the World Series, shouldn't it have to rotate? I understand that the NL parks tend to be newer, but KC is a decent place. As for Tampa Bay, at least the air conditioning is nice.

Your Humble Correspondent said...

When you draw more than 10K fans per game, MLB will consider it.

t-bone said...

For some reason I too thought SF had hosted recently, as I had in my head there was already a home run derby there with canoes and rafters going crazy in McCovey Cove. Must have been when Bonds was setting the season HR mark...

Anonymous said...

You only list the Yanks and the Royals in the list, but this is the first year in a long time that they didn't switch from an NL to an AL park. Throw that in the mix and the Marlins will be lucky to get some All Star love before 2020.

momentumisarealthing said...

I don't believe you. Now, about those bridges...

Anonymous said...

it's AT&T park in SF. It hasnt been pac bell in at least 3 years

DougOLis said...

Are the Padres not going to get one in Petco Park? It seems like all the teams that have built new stadiums are getting them pretty soon after being built except for the Pads.

Anonymous said...

The Marlins were scheduled to get the game in 98 before Huizinga sold all the parts off his championship team to fund his ill-fated musical and Bud thought it was a bad idea to give the game to a fanbase that just got bent over by their ownership.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Washington-their new stadium opens next season, and DC will be a near lock to get the Game in the next 3-4 years.

Steven said...

The Twins new ballpark will also be open in 2009.

Anonymous said...

If you build a new stadium, MLB rewards you with the all-star game. That is why Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Detroit have gotten the last few all-star games. Expect the Nats, Twins, Yanks, Mets to have the game coming up.

Anonymous said...

It will have been over 30 years since they will have hosted an all-star game at Dodger Stadium? In 2010, Dodger Stadium will be 50 years old. Does it look it? Still appears to be the state-of-the-art facility. MLB has the wrong head stuffed up the wrong place in my opinion.

a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

Glad someone mentioned Minnesota which it seems you forgot about. New stadium just starting up construction (i believe ground has been broken.)

So yeah, Minnesota and San Diego will both get their turn. And you've also got to give the nod to Los Angeles... the real Los Angeles, not Anaheim... although, hmmm, has that been mentioned here? They have won the W.S. recently, wait, they did, right? Plus their stadium -- formerly Anaheim Stadium, formerly Edison International Field of Anaheim now Angel Stadium of Anaheim -- was renovated and is a much more pleasant place to visit than the dump it was for awhile. I just checked and they did have the A.S. Game in '67 so maybe once again for them.

Florida has a loooooooooooong way to go. And rightfully so. To have it in that stadium in Tampa would be an embarassment. The same goes for Joe Robbie, I mean Pro Player, I mean Dolphin Stadium plus the heat would be horrible plus there's the potential it would get rained out.

Florida's best chance -- move one team to Portland, Oregon or San Antonio and move the other team to Orlando and build a new retractable roof stadium. Maybe around 2020?

John in San Diego said...

The Padres are going to have to wait for their next All Star game, and this is from someone who is in San Diego. They will have to wait in line behind all of those other new ballparks, besides don't you want to showcase Petco when the cranes are gone and the area around Petco have gone away? Serious? Let's show a finished product. Go Padres!

Ruben said...

Kansas City and Anaheim are the most likely candidates for the 2010 game. The Royals will be done with their renovations before the 2010 season.

The LA Times is reporting a high level source is saying LAA is a very serious contender to get one soon.

The KC Star is reporting in the next few months Selig will announce between 2-3 sites, and he has already said he will be going back to alternating between leagues, it's just an abnormality it didn't happen this year.

If I had to guess the next three hosts I'd say:
2010-LAA (only because having it in KC would mean Missouri would get back to back ASGs)

AM said...

My pick is 2012 at fenway, it is after all it's 100 aniversary