Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Happened to Sirius 43 Backspin?

Like nearly everyone, I am a creature of habit. I get up in the morning, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, etc, etc, before I head to work. And in part because my office does not allow us to bring in radios or anything that might entertain us, I have to listen to a few good tunes on the drive to the daily grind.

Unfortunately, my music selection has taken a horrible turn for the worse. Sirius Satellite Radio, for some inexplicable probably profit-driven reason, decided to cut their old-school rap station, Backspin. Totally not cool.

Granted, I understand Sirius is in the final stage of merging its programing with XM Satellite Radio. They have integrated several stations, dropped some redundancies, and attempted to streamline their offerings. But in a lot of these cases, they've always made sure the genre was in some way, shape, or form covered. But in the case of old-school hip-hop, they have well ... nothing.

So in remembrance of the songs I won't be hearing on Satellite Radio again, here is "Tearz" by the Wu-Tang Clan, re-written to reflect my recent musical loss:

Yo check yo yo, check the script
Yesterday my satellite radio flipped
Got in my truck, hit the switch, and started to trip
Had a box, 'Boom Boom' Backspin would blast
Pumping Run, KRS, PE, and Skee-lo to all who passed
Heavy rotation, kickin' the crates with the dust
Hey yo, you know playing Dana Dane is a must
Aw yeah, I'd play it every time I got in the car
Reciting rhymes on my way home from the bar
Not knowin, exactly what lied ahead
Just making sure my old-school memories were fed
I never wondered that one day in the fall
Didn't expect, I wouldn't hear old-school beats at all
"We are sorry, but your Backspin station had to go"
Despite my shock, I called up Sirius and said "No!!"
Money I was giving them, BOW! I snatched it back
For my pockets, and to the record shop down the Ave.
I'm steaming, with no noise up and down the block
(Hey, Sirius!) What? (Your new programming sucks c**k!)
I stopped frantically, then I dropped down to my knees
Like Bushwick I started punching the hard concrete
I looked to the heavens and put together my hands
Where else can I hear old school beats throughout the land?
Aw man! How do I say goodbye?
It's always the good stations that have to die
Memories in the corner of my mind
Flashbacks, of me listening all the time
That sound was as nice as the bees and birds
Now I have to conclude with these three words:

Bring back Backspin!

And while we're at it, how about a channel dedicated just to the Wu-Tang Clan and their 5,000 disciples? I know they have more songs than Elvis.


Jon Kis said...

I agree 100% I subscribe to both XM and Sirius and XM cancel their old school channel called "the Rhyme". I to am canceling both subscriptions and buying CD's again. really, really lame!

JMR said...

That is a touching tribute to our lost channel.

Anonymous said...

I bought the lifetime subscription to Sirius JUST BECAUSE OF BACKSPIN....They got me :(

Anonymous said...

I was shocked and angered by this too. Is there any remedy in which we can complain to sirius? It probably won't do any good, but I'd still like to at least bitch about it.

Anonymous said...

seriously! and boombox is gone too! those were my 2 faves! what the f*%$? who can we complain too? these other stations suck!

Anonymous said...

CRUSHED. That was my FAVORITE station. My car w/Sirius was in the shop this week and it was returned today. I kept thinking something was broken - where was 43?????? I am emailing Sirius right now -

Dion said...

I'm also pissed! Although, I don't have to listen to Kurtis Blow getting years of release wrong. I love Kurt, but for some reason he kept getting the years wrong. Still I'm upset about this. I refuse to listen to that hip 'pop' bullshit on them other stations!

Anonymous said...

Big Coop...
This is straight torture, I need my backspin to hear serious MC Rhyming

Anonymous said...

I called to find out today and they said the station "retired" and it was not cancelled. The station is no longer in business I was told. I'm calling bullshit and "retired" my subscription today. They happily cancelled it. More people need to do the same. With their curent stock price and burn rate they are not in a position to be losing customers!

Anonymous said...

This is sad -
There needs to be a replacment station.
We must send emails and calls before they do anything. We have to voice our concerns!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to unsubscribe from serious. Backspin is the reason why I pay them every month. I want a refund for november and I'm unsubscribing .. If I want to listen to t pain and lil wayne I'll turn on my regular tuner radio!!! Sirius really sucks now!!

Anonymous said...

the only reason i have sirius is to listen to backspin.. so now they merge with xm and we have to get stuck with 10 more sports stations as if there wasnt enough sports stations on sirius already, maybe they should get rid of 10 of the weather stations
how many do we need to tell us that it is snowing...... if i wanted to hear current music there would be no need for sirius.... i could just put it on 97.9 to hear chopped and screwed 8 times in one hour..... this is absolute crap and im pissed....................

Anonymous said...

ok check this out backspin is comming back on jan 15 2009.

Orbitcast has confirmed that Sirius XM Radio are bringing back two music channels: The Strobe and Backspin. Scott Greenstein said this was done in response to "overwhelming passion" from subscribers.

The channels are set to return on Thursday, January 15th